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travers. >>> we're learning about three secret court opinions. the nsa is declassifying those documents. they said the spy agency scooped up emails over a three-year span. after the nsa reported the error, the court ordered them to find a way to limit. this it's part of the american's plan to ease the fears. >>> less have a suspect in custody for a kidnapping but a frantic search is still on for adry hannah horton. >> horton disappeared from a park in missouri. witnesses said a man pulled up into an suv and ordered her to get inside, and there's been no sign of adriana. the man who police believe picked her up is charged with kidnapping. >>> a man who kidnapped a 16-year-old old and killed her mother and brother is reaching out beyond the grave. >> james dimaggio said he left $112,000 to the surviving members of his victims. adding one more twist to the story, dimaggio's sister wt has dna test to dprm if he was hannah's father. >>> go ahead and run from the law but they're going to catch you. what these shoplifters said after making a run for it. >> if you feel this story has been the w
travers, abc news washington. >>> the nsa secret surveillance program did break privacy rules thousands of times since 2008. the new revelation is the from the information from leaker edward snowden. they found that the agency had collected unauthorized data more than 2700 times and most of the time the surveillance involved americaners or foreign intelligence targets inside the u.s. for its part the nsa say a number of factors can cause the statistics to go down from one quarter to the next. >>> one of the worse kept secrets in the united states, area 51, for ufo conspiracy here toists. the country is admitting that the supersecret base does exist. there are maps of the base. even though they admit it is there they make no mention. the base is only a testing ground for aerial surveillance during the cold war. no aliens there. >>> kids here and across the country will be heading back to school in the next couple of weeks. this year back to school means a different thing in oklahoma. we take you to moore, where two schools were destroyed right at the end of the school year. >>> and aand
outlined new measures to reform the top secret surveillance programs revealed by fugitive nsa leaker, edward snowden, including putting a new "civil liberties" officer at the nsa and promising to reveal more about the once-secret programs. >> we can and must be more transparent. >> reporter: but not when it comes to drone strikes. in a response to the latest global terror threat, the u.s. has carried out six drone strikes in the last two weeks. in the interest of transparency, can you tell us about these drone strikes that we've seen over the last couple of weeks in yemen? >> i'm not going to discuss specific operations that have taken place. >> so you won't even confirm that we've carried out drone strikes in yemen? >> i will not have a discussion about operational issues. >> reporter: the spy program reforms announced today would not have happened almost certainly withouthe leaks of edward snowden. that has some people today calling him a hero. the president said he's a lawbreaker, not a patriot. late-breaking news on the terror threat that has resulted in the closing of the embass
three former navy football players. they face a court martial later on this month. >>> the nsa has built a network that can access as much as 75% of all u.s. web traffic. the wall street journal reported the agency sometimes retains the content of the e- mails between u.s. citizens and filters some domestic phone calls that use internet connections. now, a spokesperson from the nsa says that the nsa's signal intelligence mission is centered on defeating foreign adversaries who basically aim to harm the country that we defend from the united states, from such threats that will fiercely be working to protect the privacy rights of u.s. persons. >>> a partner helped expose america's secret surveillance programs has filed a lawsuit over his detainment at heathrow airport. [ inaudible ] >> i yell at her and say, police, stop running. >> it shows these guys were actually doing exactly what they were train and how they were trained to do it. it was flawless. >> there are now 10 cameras being used, one by every officer on every shift. the laurel police department has been using the eyegra
, the nsa and surveillance programs. yet more revelations just this past week. wall street journal reporting it covers 70% of all internet traffic in the united states. the public has been supportive of these programs, but these drip, drip, drip revelations, are we going to reach a tipping point? >> doesn't look like it at the moment. senator feinstein is going to hold hearings when congress is back in session. and there will be a libertarian liberal coalition of people saying we've got to stop this. but i would be very, very surprised if congress actually does anything about this. >> well, the first thing they should do is have a little bit more oversight. when you see the pfizer court and others talking about violations, that's a problem. and the president and the administration needs to get ahead of this dripping and leaking because more is being revealed every day. >> when the president came out and announced he was going to do some reforms and review all of this, he didn't sound like he was really necessarily seeing this as -- this was more a phoney scandal. because remember how he desc
some time. >>> tonight, the father of nsa leaker edward snowden is speaking out, saying his son is not a traitor. and though snowden's father says he believes in the american justice system, he does not think his son would get a fair trial if he returns from russia. abc's susan saulny in washington tonight. >> as a father, i want my son to come home. >> reporter: today, in an exclusive interview with abc's george stephanopoulos, lon snowden, father of fugitive nsa leaker edward snowden, said plans have been made to reunite in russia. >> you're going to moscow? >> reporter: bruce fein is the family's lawyer and says it will happen very soon. >> we have visas, we have a date which we won't disclose because of the frenzy. >> reporter: the purpose of trip -- to come up with a criminal defense against charges of espionage. >> what i would like is for this to be vetted in open court for the american people to have all the facts. >> reporter: but the elder snowden is not convinced his son could get a fair trial. >> when you consider many of the statements made by our leaders, they have
president putin. it was to be next month. he did it right after russia gave nsa leaker asylum and tonight two of the most powerful leaders on the planet are shadow boxing as the world watches. here's jonathan karl. >> reporter: the last time these two got together the body language spoke louder than their words, sometimes grimacing, never geeing on much of anything. now a new low, not just for putin and obama, but for russia and the u.s. for the first time since the cold war, a u.s. president is cancelling a publicly announced meeting in russia. it's not just putin's decision to grant asylum to fugitive nsa leaker edward snowden. he has also defied the u.s. by selling heavy weapons to the syrian government as its accused of slaughtering its own people. the president vented about it last night with jay leno. >> there have been times where they slipped back into cold war thinking and a coal war mentality. what i say to president putin is, that's the past. >> putin seems to be like one of those old school kgb guys. >> he headed up the kgb. >> reporter: today in a speech, the president allude
before edward snowden and the nsa. bradley manning leaked the top secret documents, just sentenced to 35 years behind bars this week, tonight revealing he wants to live behind bars as a woman. the military responding to that request. here's jim avila. >> reporter: bradley manning had one more secret to tell, the small statured man in the army greens is actually a woman inside. those pictures of him cross dressing shown at trial were real and not a defense tactic. in a letter released today, manning wrote, as i transition into this next phase of my life, i want everyone to know the real me. i am chelsea manning. i am a female. manning wants to be called she and begin the transformation immediately. given the way that i feel and have felt since childhood, i want to begin hormone therapy as soon as possible. that may be difficult because at fort levin worth where he's to serve a 35 year sentence for releasing 700,000 documents to wikileaks, the military does not offer that type of treatment but his attorney vows to fight. >> i'm going to change that. >> reporter: the attorneys first demonst
addressed that saying he stands behinds the nsa's program but the jeans agency needs to be more transparties, but it didn't end there. >> reporter: right out of the gate, president obama announced a series of reforms. >> we can and must be more transparent. >> reporter: that include as civil liberties office, a high level commission to review the intelligence program and coordination with congress to review the program that collects telephone records. >> it's in the enough for me has president to have confidence in these programs. the american people need to have confidence in them as well. >> reporter: the president insisted the changes who have taken place even if edward snowden had not leaked the details of the secret programs. >> it would have been less exciting. i think we would have got on it the same place. >> reporter: but it vindicates him. >> i don't think snowden is a president. >> reporter: if snowden thinks he's innocent, he should return to the u.s. there were other avenues available for those whose conscience was stirred. >> reporter: earlier this week the white house said edw
. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. >>> the father of nsa leaker edwae edward snowden is speaking out. in an exclusive interview with george stephanopoulos, lon snowden says he wants his son to come home, but he's unfair that his son could get a fair trial. >> where my son chooses to live the rest of his life will will be his decision. i would like, at some point in time, for him to be able to come back in the u.s. whether he'll live the rest of his life here or not and face this. because i believe that the truth will shine through. >> lon snowden and his attorneys have secured visas to visit edward snowden. they didn't say when they'll go. >>> a 2-year-old rhode island boy was found wandering around a housing project hours after his mother and another woman were murdered. isaiah perez was the subject of an amber alert. >>> a father, apparently suffering from depression killed his 9-year-old son and then turned the gun on himself. he was have b a supervised visit with the boy. he sent an e-mail before the visit suggests he was suicidal. >>> two homes damaged in a deadly plane crash ar
may have passed, but the threat of terrorism never passed. >> they believe that the nsa surveillance programs helped track the emerging threat. the president announced some reforms on friday in those programs. and had tough words for the nsa leaker edward snowden, said he was not a patriot. take a look. >> mr. snowden's been charged with three felonies. if he believes what he did was right, then like every american citizen, electric come here, appear before the court with a lawyer, and make his case. >> so, what have you been able to learn about what u.s. officials are trying to do to get snowden right now? >> some officials i've talked to wish that a deal could be struck to bring him back to the u.s. make no mistake. one official said he has done irrefutable damage. the more t
by nsa leaker edward snowden. security experts and former white house officials will report findings and offercommen the year. the announcement a day after nsa declassified three court opinions and it proves how the agency reports its own errors and is rebuked for them. the army private who looekd documents to wikileaks has been handed the stiffest punishment ever for leaking government secrets to the media. a military judge, fort mead, maryland, sentencing bradley manning to 35 years in prison. the 25-year-old told lawyers this is a stage. manning's lawyers say he will be eligible for parole in seven years. >> another military courtroom at fort hood, army psychologist on trial for killing 13 in a shooting rampage rested without mounting a defense. major nidal hasan never denied opening fire on fellow soldiers. when asked by the judge how he weshd to pre seed, hasan acting as his own attorney, answered the defense rests. >> out of control wildfire burning in yosemite national park is 5% contained. the fire has grown to 25 square miles. it threatens homes, hotels, camp buildings. whil
's decision to grant asylum to nsa whistleblower edward snowden. snowden has been holed up for weeks at a moscow airport. the president still plans to attend the g20 summit in st. petersburg, russia in september. that's after some u.s. members called for a boycot of the gathering. >>> an iowa woman making a big splash at a kansas city royals game. jessica mccoy spent close to five minutes pacing, waving and swimming in the outfield fountain. she says she doesn't remember any of it, so now she is facing charges of trespassing, resisting arrest and so lissitying a police officer. mccoy won't be banned from attending future game. >>> we'll be right back. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. >>> r and b star usher released a statement thanking all of those who helped save his son from a near drowning accident at his home in atlanta. the singer said he especially wanted to thank the two true heros who saved his son. two men were installing sound equipment at usher's home when his 5-year-old got stuck in a pool drain trying to get
with close links to nsa leak eer edward snowden. now, the parter of glenn greenwald was held for nine hours. greenwald called it a profound escalation of their attacks on the news gathering process and journalism. >>> from egypt, the government says suspected militants have killed 24 policemen in northern sinai. this comes just after the country's military leader warned against further violence. abc's muhammad lila reports from cairo. >> reporter: it's a ski divided by neighborhoods. here supporters of the muslim brotherhood. there armed vigilantes against it. with the country on edge, christians who make up about 15% of the population nervously made their way to sunday service. even the country's priceless antiquities haven't been spared. at one of egypt's museums shattered class, priceless sarcophaguses destroyed. all of this as the obama administration struggles with how to respond. on "this week with george stephanopoulos," growing bipartisan opposition to continuing u.s. aid. >> i think the actions of the last week will no doubt cause us to suspend aid. >> i would cut off aid and i wou
. >>> and new details show the nsa surveillance reach is deeper than we thought. "the wall street journal" reporting that the nsa can reach nearly 75% of all internet traffic, including phone calls. while it's supposed to target foreigners, it sometimes retains e-mails sent among u.s. citizens. >>> and some heckling there last night of texas republican senator ted cruz, taking some heat because he is only now renouncing his canadian citizenship, which he's had his entire life. cruz was born in canada to a u.s.-born mother. he is thought to be a potential 2016 potential presidential candidate. and he's calling the flop silly. >>> three oklahoma teenagers are now in custody, formally charged with the murder of a popular college baseball player. two of them, ages 15 and 16, will now be tried for first-degree murder. a 17-year-old is accused of being an accessory. police say they shot 22-year-old australian christopher lane out of boredom. >>> and a michigan man is lucky to have survived this. watch that. his truck goes airborne, over the guardrail at 70 miles per hour. the driver lost contro
. >>> there are more calls for congressional hearings into the nsa. this is amid a new washington post report that it violated its own rules, snooping on thousands of americans. senator leahy say congress needs to investigate. >>> it was back to school in moore, oklahoma. back in may that city was devastated by an f-5 tornado. seven children were killed in two elementary schools where they were sheltering. on friday, parents brought them to the first day at a temporary school. >>> good baseball news, history at the little league world series, 13-year-old grant holman becoming the first pitcher to throw a no-hitter in the series since the 85 pitch limit went into effect in 2007. holman is 6'4", he weighs 166 pounds. he struck out 13 guys. his team beat the michigan team 3-0. when i grow up, i would like to be grant holman. 6'4", he is. time now for weather. 6'4" at that age. >> is that fair to let him play? >> it's baseball, nobody said fair. >> congratulations to them. >>> we to want start with the excessive heat warning in phoenix for this weekend. parts of arizona not only hot during the da
belongings from the homes yesterday as mourners extended a make shift memorial. >> the father of nsa leaker, edward snowden speaking out for the first time since his son gave up surveillance programs. in an exclusive interview with abc's george stephanopoulos yesterday, lon snowden wants his son edward to come home but is unsure edward could get a fair trial in the u.s. courts because he said politicians have poisoned the well of perspective jurors. >> where my son chooses to live the rest of his life is going to be his decision. what i would like at some point in time for him to be able to come back to the u.s. whether he will live the rest of his life here or not. face this. and i believe the truth will shine through. >> snowden and attorneys have secured visas to travel to russia to meet with edward snowden. they didn't say exactly when for security reasons. neither has spoken directly to edward snowden since he fled the u.s. >> it is back to business this morning morning for many of the two dozen u.s. embassies and consulates shuttered by tear railroad alert last week. mostly across the
for a while. russia's decision to grant asylum to nsa leaker snowden appeared to be the final straw. >> major issues were not teed up toing may progress on the level of a president to president summit. >> the russians responded by saying washington failed to develop relations with moscow on an equal base is. >> fed are again alerting local law enforcement across the country to be on the lookout for terror plots in the preplanning stages the message in a bulletin late last night. the fbi and department of homeland security also repeating that they're not aware of any specific threat on u.s. soil. >> syrians caught up in brutal civil war about to get more help from the united states. prident obama has announced an additional $195 million in humanitarian and food aid for the syrian people. that brings the total amount of u.s. aid to syria to more than $1 billion since the fighting began two years ago. the announcement coincide with the muslim holiday which marks the end of the holy month of ramadan. >>> festivities getting under way across the globe. millions of muslims are breaking their fast w
on security, nsa programs and privacy. just as she was speaking before the a.b.a., disgraced mayoral candidate, anthony weiner, the last person clinton wanted comments on her campaign, processed to have inside information on hillary clinton 2016. at least as it relates to huma abedin, one of her closest advisers. >> do you know what her role in hillary clinton's 2016 campaign will be? >> i do. i'm not telling you. >> do you feel you damaged her place in that world? >> yeah. >> reporter: that was a blunder. hillary clinton has not yet made it official she is running for president. in a recent poll, anthony weiner broke a new record in new york. although, it's not the kind of record he would like to break. he became the most unpopular political figure on record in the state of new york. an unfavorability rating of 80%. >> hard to beat. thanks very much. >>> we turn to the incredible video of the moment a luxury resort was swallowed up by a sinkhole. it happened near orlando, florida. and dozens of frightened guests fled for their lives. abc's steve osunsami has the latest on what caused the eart
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